Writing Apps

Sometimes I miss good old fashion pen and paper but that’s not sexy. In a mobile age where everyone carries a laptop, tablet, or smart-phone it’s easy to write and staying organized can be made easy. If you’re anything like me using Microsoft Word, Pages, or LibreOffice just isn’t enough. Over the years I’ve found three powerful writing applications that have mobile support as well.


First on the list is probably the most versitle out of the group: LyX. LyX can be used on all PC platforms and is free to download. The application is a front-end to an older typeset system but I won’t dive into it’s history. No matter if your a novelist, tech-writer, or screen writer LyX has a ton of different features. Personal favorites being it’s ability to easily restructure your work, create table of contents for you, and supports languages around the world.


Growing as a writer can be tough and creating detailed stories with all the recommended exercises to give weight to a character are built into this application. From listing your characters, building their history, emotions, and motivations; to location descriptions and setting creation for your readers. I’ve spent many waking nights pounding at my desk trying to illustrate what my main character “looks” like. Finally, Bibisco has an analytical section that can show you how often you used a character or location. If you’re the “process” type writer building a road map with this application may work for you.


Generally I stay away from cloud applications but Celtx offers some pretty attractive perks. If you’re collaborating with many writers, or perhaps consistently on the go but don’t want to drag your laptop around Celtx may be just for you. Beware that when you first join the site you’re in a 15 day free trail. So don’t get comfortable linking various writers to your work before knowing the price to continue working. However, all is not lose, Celtx free service will still allow you to access and write with little issue. Just don’t forget that you should download your work frequently from the “cloud” for offline access.

For all you starving artist out there each application is free to use. I chose these applications based on three categories: Ease of use, openness, and cross platform support. Each application offers exporting a project into at least a PDF format. None of them have a proprietary format that can’t be used with another application. So I give a objective win to Celtx by way of TKO over Bibisco for lack of Apple support.

What application do you use? Let me know in the comments.

Author: Jonathan

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