Writing While Parenting

Let me take the time to apologize to all parents out there that I underestimated. It is no easy task caring for an infant. I was once the person who criticized those for complained about having no time to do anything but virtually survive and feed the child, usually at the expense of sleep. In my infinite wisdom I simply assumed those were the people incapable of scheduling task and sacrificing the things that just don’t matter in life for their passions. I take it all back. After having a child of my own I’ve found that the struggle is real. However I’ve also found methods that work for me, to be the parent I want to be and pursue my passions.


Make no mistake, the days of random writing and inspirational nights pounding at a keyboard till sun up will never happen again. The first task I had to learn was take the little victories. A sleeping infant brings peace to the household. It’s likely there are chores, entertainment and general sleep that you can choose from during these times but setting your priorities is the challenge. Getting the drive to get the necessities done should always come first but when you have the ten to twenty minutes in between where you could turn on the television or pick on your work, that’s the defining moment. Don’t expect to write thousands of works in one sitting but five to fifty every few hours goes a long way within the month.


Second task is literally write whenever you can. I’m not speaking the downtime as I did before, we’re looking at the in between moments of your day. It’s likely you work as I do and have breaks, lunch and small talk sessions. Writing down fleeting thoughts or cleaver statements made by you or others; then pull a David Bowie and see what you can form when you’re deciding between sleep and a quick snack. Make your writing a part of everything you do.


Now of course the child is priority number one. There are so many thing to concern yourself with while the child is developing into their own. As an infant goes from cluster feeding to sensory development, attempting to form that first word and so many others what can be done to keep your motivations on your work while also having your child at the top of your list? Simply involve them. I read my creative catastrophes to my child daily. Whether is a drama, comedy, fantasy or a mixture of absolute nonsense she laughs and tries to pull together words as I foolishly disclose the window to my soul. Becoming more animated and acting your work can better help you craft a masterpiece with the help of your unconditional loving child.


I’ve given up most media formats other than music to continue to roast my words. It’s not as bold as it once was but I’ve got a new light blend. My words a less cynical and I seem to find myself coming up with ideas that my daughter can be proud of. Having a child has not only made me a better person but a better writer too. I just hope I can keep up with her generation as she grows into her own.

Author: Jonathan

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