Writing While Parenting

Let me take the time to apologize to all parents out there that I underestimated. It is no easy task caring for an infant. I was once the person who criticized those for complained about having no time to do anything but virtually survive and feed the child, usually at the expense of sleep. In my infinite wisdom I simply assumed those were the people incapable of scheduling task and sacrificing the things that just don’t matter in life for their passions. I take it all back. After having a child of my own I’ve found that the struggle is real. However I’ve also found methods that work for me, to be the parent I want to be and pursue my passions.


Make no mistake, the days of random writing and inspirational nights pounding at a keyboard till sun up will never happen again. The first task I had to learn was take the little victories. A sleeping infant brings peace to the household. It’s likely there are chores, entertainment and general sleep that you can choose from during these times but setting your priorities is the challenge. Getting the drive to get the necessities done should always come first but when you have the ten to twenty minutes in between where you could turn on the television or pick on your work, that’s the defining moment. Don’t expect to write thousands of works in one sitting but five to fifty every few hours goes a long way within the month.


Second task is literally write whenever you can. I’m not speaking the downtime as I did before, we’re looking at the in between moments of your day. It’s likely you work as I do and have breaks, lunch and small talk sessions. Writing down fleeting thoughts or cleaver statements made by you or others; then pull a David Bowie and see what you can form when you’re deciding between sleep and a quick snack. Make your writing a part of everything you do.


Now of course the child is priority number one. There are so many thing to concern yourself with while the child is developing into their own. As an infant goes from cluster feeding to sensory development, attempting to form that first word and so many others what can be done to keep your motivations on your work while also having your child at the top of your list? Simply involve them. I read my creative catastrophes to my child daily. Whether is a drama, comedy, fantasy or a mixture of absolute nonsense she laughs and tries to pull together words as I foolishly disclose the window to my soul. Becoming more animated and acting your work can better help you craft a masterpiece with the help of your unconditional loving child.


I’ve given up most media formats other than music to continue to roast my words. It’s not as bold as it once was but I’ve got a new light blend. My words a less cynical and I seem to find myself coming up with ideas that my daughter can be proud of. Having a child has not only made me a better person but a better writer too. I just hope I can keep up with her generation as she grows into her own.

Igniting Your Words

Have you ever sat down and wanted to write a novel or poem that others would read and be blown away? For a writer the drive to write can vary. However, writing isn’t as simple as vomiting your thoughts on a page. Even when the intent is to do just that, it has to be strategic.

The worst feeling in the world to an artist is when someone views you work and says “I don’t get it.” Did you ever stop and ask your self why your main character has set out to save the world when they’re an under paid, bag boy at Walmart?

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Writing Apps

Sometimes I miss good old fashion pen and paper but that’s not sexy. In a mobile age where everyone carries a laptop, tablet, or smart-phone it’s easy to write and staying organized can be made easy. If you’re anything like me using Microsoft Word, Pages, or LibreOffice just isn’t enough. Over the years I’ve found three powerful writing applications that have mobile support as well.


First on the list is probably the most versitle out of the group: LyX. LyX can be used on all PC platforms and is free to download. The application is a front-end to an older typeset system but I won’t dive into it’s history. No matter if your a novelist, tech-writer, or screen writer LyX has a ton of different features. Personal favorites being it’s ability to easily restructure your work, create table of contents for you, and supports languages around the world.


Growing as a writer can be tough and creating detailed stories with all the recommended exercises to give weight to a character are built into this application. From listing your characters, building their history, emotions, and motivations; to location descriptions and setting creation for your readers. I’ve spent many waking nights pounding at my desk trying to illustrate what my main character “looks” like. Finally, Bibisco has an analytical section that can show you how often you used a character or location. If you’re the “process” type writer building a road map with this application may work for you.


Generally I stay away from cloud applications but Celtx offers some pretty attractive perks. If you’re collaborating with many writers, or perhaps consistently on the go but don’t want to drag your laptop around Celtx may be just for you. Beware that when you first join the site you’re in a 15 day free trail. So don’t get comfortable linking various writers to your work before knowing the price to continue working. However, all is not lose, Celtx free service will still allow you to access and write with little issue. Just don’t forget that you should download your work frequently from the “cloud” for offline access.

For all you starving artist out there each application is free to use. I chose these applications based on three categories: Ease of use, openness, and cross platform support. Each application offers exporting a project into at least a PDF format. None of them have a proprietary format that can’t be used with another application. So I give a objective win to Celtx by way of TKO over Bibisco for lack of Apple support.

What application do you use? Let me know in the comments.

Drunk On Words


Writing for a “Writer” is like drinking alcohol. You stick to what you like most of all. Trying new things is interesting and you may build a larger palette as you go but there is no guarantee you’ll like anything. If you stop your tolerance goes down and you have to build up again. Drink too much in a night and the sun will greet you harshly the next morning. Finally, you can quit but you can’t forget what it’s like to taste good alcohol.

I’m a scotch man personally. Simple, straight to the point and never too harsh. Typically I just need laptop, my music, and five minutes to get the ball rolling. However that wasn’t always the case. As a younger man I progressed from Beer to Tequila then Wine to Scotch.

I started cheap, writing as if I had something important to say above my peers. Sadly my words were hollow and I didn’t grasp my emotions to pour my into my pages. My heart was crushed soon after entering my adult life and like most people I looked for external outlets, created experiences and lots of bad decisions. Drama filled my stories with little hope for my characters return to happiness. Lucky for the world I came back down to earth.

Today I wouldn’t title myself refined as the wines I ventured through. Seeking new experiences in life and travel brought me vibrant tales for various characters that could never reach the bottom of the bottle like I did so often. Simply put, I couldn’t close. With so much to say and so many unique stories learned for people watching no story seemed like it “could” end because life was just that, lasting.

Writer’s block hit me hard at this point until eventually I walked into a Scotch Bar. I learned the difference between a single or double malt. The life of a distillery placed into a bottle, aged 12 15 or 18 years and many older. Stories of various barrels mixed into a single bottle to tell a story. Not a life but a moment, comprised of many hands and stories to create one tale.

In my defense, I’m not an alcoholic. And, I will say that my inspirations stem from many things in life. I love writing and I want people to read my writing. It’s not about whether the writing itself is good or not. The expression of my experiences, thoughts, or feelings is why I write. “This is who I am.”

“A writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, because she has amazing talent, or because everything she does is golden. A writer is a writer because, even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any signs of promise, you keep writing anyway.” -Junot Diaz-


My First Roast

After Thanksgiving of 2015 I decided to create WordRoast. The road to building a community starts here. My name is Jonathan Jenkins and I’m bold enough to call myself a writer. It’s been four hours since my hands touch the keyboard and I have to say it feels good.

The aim of WordRoast to bring together a community of writers that can help each other create, critique, collect and publish in a collaborative way. It welcomes all genres of writing- Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Adventure, Children’s Literature, Comics, Graphic Novels, Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Theatre, etc. The more creatives we have, the better our writing will be.

WordRoast will provide a forum for free-thinkers to socialize with and gain access to publishing their work of art.

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